“Do you want to explore self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors...  and work on overcoming them?

Design an action plan for achieving your life, career and business goals?

Overcome the insecurities, self-doubts and obstacles that rob you of success...  and the depression and anxiety that results?

Work through a recent traumatic event or disturbing news about a physical or emotional development- both personal or others that matter to you?

If you are looking for a straight-forward and caring discussion of life events; and, a willingness to change patterns of thinking and behavior-- Call me.

I am a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist with 25+ years of experience working with persons seeking assistance because of depression, anxiety, trauma, work stress and developmental disabilities. Wide experience in providing, supervising, and developing crisis counseling & emergency response solutions (Flight 800, WTC). My preferences are individuals, families and committed couples.

In addition, I perform forensic assessments for the Courts and private attorneys regarding child custody, competency, culpability and trauma. Another area of expertise is work-related evaluations and appeals for civil service and other occupations that require psychological assessments as a condition of employment.”

Before that I was a School Psychologist,  Program Evaluator, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor / Evaluator  and Applied Biostatistician. I can hardly wait to seen what my next career path is going to hold.

There are a few "truisms" that I have learned on this path of my professional and personal development...

There is a Pareto Principle:

                     Twenty percent of the things in our lives account for eighty percent of our problems; and
                      Eighty percent of our lives are over-ridden by the twenty percent that cause distress.

There is a natural order to change:

                       "Unless the pain of change is less that the pain of staying the same... no change is possible"
                                                                                        Marie Meir, Ph.D.

Like many websites, this one is going to be in a state of flux as I discover new likages and new topics to discuss. If I were a "Web Professional" then it would b easy to do. Unfortunately, I am not, as I am busy seeing people and hoping that I can make a change in their lives.

Regards for now,

Dr. G.


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